Best deal swim holiday

Best Deal Swimming Holiday

Booking a holiday usually takes some of your time to find the best deal. A proper search takes some time as well as all of the other planning that comes along.

This especially comes into play when you are looking for a week+ long holiday. Euro VS Dollar and Pound has plunged to a 12-year low and now it is a great time to get the best deal for your swimming holiday.

At Strel Swimming, we pride ourselves on providing great value swimming holidays which allow many to come and join our adventures. We price our European trips in EURO and have GBP and USD currencies shown together for indicative purposes only. They are taken daily from the Google finance currency converter. Due to the recent events in the EU, EURO currency has dropped significantly in the last weeks which makes our trips so much cheaper for those buying with non-EUR accounts (GBP, USD, CHF).

In other words, now it´s the best time in over 12 years to book our holidays for the best value ever. It has been a dramatic fall for the Euro currency. About  a year ago back in April 2014, the Euro was trading at 1.38 US Dollars to the Euro. That means that one US Dollar bought you about 72 Euro cents. Today it is a very different picture, the exchange rate is around 1.07 US Dollars to the Euro. Hard to expect, but maybe in few weeks time Dollar-Euro gets nearly one-to-one. The British pound rose to €1.4250 against the Euro this past week, to a fresh seven year high.

Another currency shock coming from Switzerland has recently hit Europe. The Swiss franc soared as much as 35% in dramatic trade after the Swiss Central Bank abandoned the currency cap on the value against the Euro. It now makes Swiss even richer to buy abroad, but for how long, their export and incoming tourism are suffering.

Swimming Lake Powell Canyons

Our trips usually include: fully professionally guided tour with comprehensive safety escort with several  boats, at least two swimming guides, one or more local boat pilots, swim coaching session, technique & stroke video analysis, all nights accommodation at a 3 or 4 star hotel, all breakfasts, all lunches and some dinners (not all tours).  Each guest receives a swim hat. Limited swimming gear is available on each tour (fins, rash vests). If you need a wetsuit, please bring it with you as we may only have few ones available. On our Slovenian lakes, Lake Powell canyons, Croatian islands and Montenegro fjords trips we also have few free of charge kayaks available for our guests to use. Quite often we host a non-swimmer who like to follow a friend or partner while we swim.

Are you in? We can´t wait to see you in the water!