Extreme stunts

Martin Strel amongst top 10 extreme world stunts

Check out world´s greatest adventure seekers and stunt makers.

Adventure has no limits and for some people it is a way living, achieving the impossible or just trying out what the human body can do. Some or all of these stunts take your breath away. Here below we feature top 10 most extreme adventure stunts selected by UK Telegraph.

One of the stunts is Martin Strel´s historical swimming down the Amazon river which we are very proud of.  Mr. Strel took this challenge back in 2007 and successfully completed the swim in 66 days. Daily blog of Amazon Swim is still online at www.amazonswim.com.

1) Free-climbing the Burj Khalifa by Alain Robert.

2) Longest human cannonball flight by David Smith Jr.

3) Climbing Mount Everest in shorts by Wim Hof.

4) Buried alive – for seven days by David Blaine.

5) Diving 702ft in a one single breath by Herbert Nitsch.

Extreme stunts
Extreme stunts

6) Swimming the piranha-infested Amazon River by Martin Strel (Big River Man).

Martin Strel swimming
Martin Strel swimming
Martin Strel Amazon extreme stunts
Martin Strel swimming Amazon

7) Tightrope walking over Niagara Falls by Nik Wallenda.

Extreme stunts
Extreme stunts

8) Jumping the Grand Canyon by Robbie Knievel.

9) Free-climbing Yosemite’s Dawn Wall by Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell.

10) Highest free-fall from the edge of Earth by Alan Eustace (record previously held by Austrian skydiver and stuntman Felix Baumgartner. This event was highly publicised and sponsored by Red Bull).

To read all the details and see all photos, please visit Telegraph website. Published in February 2016.