Mamula Island swimming

Montenegro Fort Mamula island swimming

Lastavica Island, also named Mamula, is one of our top swimming locations in Montenegro. 

The distance around this island is around 970m and we take our swimmers there to enjoy swimming around this historical place. After swimming it, we usually walk and explore the island where you can see the untouched structure from World War II when it was used as a concentration camp.

The island has been left for many decades in its original state and no one paid much attention to it.

Daily visitors usually come by local boats (the only way to get there) from Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi to explore this incredible spot in the middle of the sea. Many locals call this place The Montenegrin Alcatraz and usually combine trips there with a Zanjice beach lunch stop or Blue cave visit.

Swiss and Montenegro newspapers have recently reported that Mamula island is being rented for 49 years to get developed into a luxurious hotel and wellness centre. Orascom Development of the Egyptian entrepreneur Samih Sawiris runs many high end developments on the Montenegrin coast, particularly on the Lustica Bay and this one is to be the latest one. The project is expected to be realized within 18 months of the granting of planning permission and it should create 200 new jobs. All this confirms that Montenegro tourism is getting new landmarks to become one of the prime touristic destinations in the coming years.

What will now happen to our lovely swimming around the island?

We do not have an answer to that today, but without a doubt it will not be free and so accessible as it is today. In other words, we may have the final year to enjoy this place as it is.

Therefore, we kindly invite all of you to join our Montenegro swimming trips this year if you want to experience the real and undeveloped Mamula island and fort before the big machines set up a new era for this historical place.

In January 2016 world news have reported that Mamula island got a green light from the Montenegrin government to start the resort development:



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