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Strel Swimming Adventures has appeared in many magazines, newspapers and online sites. Please see some of our archive below.
If you are a journalist and would like to come on our trip and report about it, please contact us for further information.  If you need some great press photos, we have a great collection of professional high-resolution photos available.

Press Articles

January 2017
Website: Wildlife Along The Yangtze River

January 2017
Financial Times: Travel Weekend

August 2016
Human Limits – Martin Strel, Marathon swimmer – 7 min Documentary

August 2016
Wanderlust Magazine: US National Park Service centenary with the world’s greatest adventurers
July 2016
MPora Blog: Meet Martin Strel | The Endurance Swimmer Who Goes For Days Without Stopping

April 2016
Mr. Porter Online: Spring´s Best Fitness Retreats

Feb 2016
Open-Water Swimming: Learn From the Best, then Dive in (Coach Magazine, UK)

Jan 2016
10 Most Extreme Stunts, UK Telegraph (see Martin Strel)

June 2015
Free Mens World Magazine, Germany

May 2015
Swimming, Sailing on a Turkish Gulet

March 2015
The Club of British Airways(Wild Swimming in Croatia)

Februar 2015
50 Best Fitness Holidays (Men´s Fitness Magazine, UK)

December 2014
The top 5 activity holidays in Croatia (Telegraph, UK)

September 2014
In the swim – Adriatic Blue, Herald and News, Oregon, USA

November 2013:
Guardian UK

June 2013:
Independant UK newspaper

March 2013:
New Zealand national newspaper The Sunday Star Times:
Sink or Swim, Swimming in Slovenia by Peter Bourke, a guest on a trip

March 2013:
Austrian newspaper Die.Presse: Der Mann, der durch die Donau schwamm

February 2013:
Bled Winter Swimming: Slovenia’s Alpine Pearl Wraps up Winter Season
Bled Winter Swimming: Video News
Bled Winter Swimming: Video News

February 2013:
Slovenian Times, New York City: Bled Winter Swimming

February 2013:
H2open magazine, UK: Crawl throught the desert – Lake Powell Swimmming Tour

February 2013:
Telegraph, UK: Wild Swimming Breaks-Croatia swimming holiday

January 2013:
SportsNet magazine, Canada: The Life Aquatic with Martin Strel – Lake Powell Swimming Adventure Feature

April 2012:
H2open magazine, UK: Successful first winter swimming cup (Bled, Slovenia)

January 2012:
Financial Times Deutschland
(Alles im Fluss – Martin Strel Slowenien Schwimmer and Reiseunternehmer)
Financial Times Deutschland Online LINK

January 2012:
Easyjet Magazine: The Iceman Swimmeth (Lake Bled Winter Swimming)
Easyjet Magazine Online LINK

December 2011:
Microsoft´s MSN: Incredible endeavours-Martin Strel

November 2011:
Sport Magazin Austria: Big River Man

October 2011:
Feature Article in Royal Automobile Club Magazine, UK

September 2011:
Ripley´s Utterly Crazy! Book by Ripley Entertainment

August 2011:
Guardian, UK: Master strokes: Wild swimming in Slovenia

July 2011:
Financial Times: “Slovenian Strokes” – (Online article on our Slovenian swimming trip)
PDF Print Version

July 2011
UK´s Food and Travel Magazine features Lake Bled in “The lake districts” article
Magazine´s cover presents the Bled Castle which celebrates 1000 years this year

July 2011
National Geographic Traveller´s cover introduces Lake Bled as one of the 10 Country Escapes in Europe

June 2011
H2Open Magazine: Open Water Heroes (Martin Strel featured)

April 2011
Radio Netherlands Worldwide, show Earth Beat

March 2011
Waterbaby: Swim Shaw Interview

February 2011
Aqua Pulse Magazine (Vol 1, 2011)

February 2011
UK Oudoor swimming society

February 2011
Crystal Palace Triathlete Club, London, UK
(a club member met Borut Strel last year in Croatia)

January 2011
Mongabay (feature interview)

January 2011
BBC News

January 2011
BBC World Radio (interview with Martin Strel starts at 11:35)