Swimming around Obanjan island

Swimming around Obonjan island in Croatia

Obonjan island is a beautiful hidden gem in the Croatian Adriatic sea. It is located centrally in the Sibenik archipelago about 6 kms from the mainland.

Swimming around Obonjan island is absolute heaven, but there is much more to know about tis special place. The island was taken over in 1972 by the Scout movement and it became known as the ´Island of Youth’. The island was used for many years as a holiday camp resort for children but was deserted and left to the elements for about 10 years. During this dormant interim period, a sole inhabitant has lived on the island with his dog, mainly acting as a security person and caretaker. Everyone who plans to visit this island is first greeted by Jimmy, the dog followed by the local man, Mirko.

In the summer the island is a paradise, it is peaceful, stunningly beautiful and feels very close to nature. The waters surrounding the island are crystal clear, calm and vivid shades of blues and turquoise.

Our swimming tours take us to different islands within the Sibenik archipelago and our swim to Obonjan is a memorable one as we island hop to finish at this paradise. The swim comprises of  two crossings. Starting at an island called Little Sister, we cross to another island named Big Sister and with one more crossing to Obonjan. In total, the distance is approximately 2.8km. We picnic at the island, explore and enjoy the surroundings.

Other stunning islands near to Obonjan that we visit include Zmajan (Dragon Island) which has a dramatic coastline with many secluded bays and stunning views. Zlarin is another nearby island with a small population and incredible harbour with a daily ferry line. We often swim along it´s beautiful coastline and then have a lunch stop in the pretty town.

Kaprije island is an idyllic swimming venue on our tour. This island is further out from Obonjan on the archipelago. Again, we have stunning views of the other islands from the water and our boat. Sometimes we swim along the coastline, other times we make a crossing from Zmajan to Kaprije depending on the conditions.

The beauty of this area for a swimmer is that there are many options for stunning swims.

We always monitor the weather and sea conditions and are able to select the best swimming locations based on these forecasts and our experience. If you are looking for a safe, relaxing and enjoyable swimming holiday then join us in the Med. for a truly unforgettable experience.

Try this fun entertaining and unique way of spending your holiday on an island away from the crowds, a new concept of summer events has been introduced to start in July 2016. You can also stay on the Obonjan island.

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