Swimming holidays for singles

I have always been a keen swimmer. I took up open water swimming last summer because I wanted a new challenge and adventure in the water.

Without initially knowing what to expect, I went on to develop a love for open water swimming. I researched on google to swim in the Mediterranean and found the Strel website.

I decided to book a swimming holiday in Croatia. As it was fairly last minute I went on my own and decided to pay the single supplement for my room. I was nervous initially as I hadn’t travelled a lot on my own before however the organised trips were attractive to me and Strel also helped with travel arrangements from the airport to the hotel. I was picked up by Alex, one of the lovely guides who looked after my group for the week.

On my arrival to the hotel on Krapanj island I was really pleased to discover many other single people as well as some couples. I loved the mix of people and variety of ages, characters, nationalities and cultures. Our guides were multi-lingual and helped to gel the group together from the start.

After swimming at beautiful spots every day, and getting to know each other during the week, I came away with some new friendships. 

For all of you who may wonder, are these holidays for single people as well? Well, I would highly recommend it to you. Getting to know people in a relaxed and adventurous environment is a great way to meet like minded people.

So, are swimming holidays for singles?.. Absolutely.. YES!

Croatian Islands Trip