Travel Insurance

It is a condition of your booking and your responsibility to ensure that you have suitable insurance cover for the travel arrangements and activities that you have booked with us. You must hold a valid comprehensive insurance cover for an adventure sport activity including open water swimming. Your policy must includes medical expenses (including transportation), emergency repatriation, travel illness and personal accident on the tour.

* NOTE! Travel insurance may not be necessary if the trip you are taking part is in your country of residence. If you already hold a medical insurance then please check with your insurer if your policy covers “open water swimming”.

Please ensure you bring a copy of your insurance details with you as you will be expected to show your policy details prior undertaking any swimming activities with us.

Below companies cover open water swimming activities (professionally escorted tours).




– HCC INSURANCE (North America and worldwide customers)

– GOOD NEIGHBOR INSURANCE (North America and worldwide customers)

Sometimes cancelling the entire trip upfront is inevitable. Accidents, injuries, job issues, or even death of a loved one are all things that might keep you home. Travelex Travel Insurance will cover you for cancelling due to a multitude of reasons.