Croatian Elaphiti Islands – Dubrovnik

Explore the southern Dalmatian coast on this unique 5-day Croatian island hopping swimming holiday. Imagine swimming along high, dramatic cliffs in an ocean so blue that it blends into the sky. Crystal clear waters and islands covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation, the unique Elaphiti islands have a stunning, unearthly beauty. Immerse yourself in island life and discover Sipan, an island in the Elaphiti archipelago and the base for our swimming adventure.
Trip details:
  • Duration: 5 Days (4 Nights)
  • Tour Type: Island Hopping and Sea Coastal Swimming
  • Average Daily Swim: 5 km
  • Accommodation: Hotel on the Island
  • Escort: One Large Boat, Two Dinghies

Sipan island is easily accessible by ferry from Dubrovnik. It is a long island with a quiet bays, beaches and rich groves of olive and lemon trees. It was a popular retreat for the Dubrovnik nobility in the 16th century and is now a perfect destination for adventurers looking for an idyllic holiday haven.

This swimming tour appeals to all levels of open water swimmers (please check our FAQs for swimming speed details) looking for a sea swimming adventure of island hopping in southern Croatia. We have three separate escort boats to provide safety and enjoyment to all our guests. Non-swimmers are welcome to join and/or use our kayak and follow their friends or partners while they swim. At least one of our guides is local and has a great knowledge of the region.

Tour Highlights:
– great hotel location on Sipan island
– varied island to island swims in clear, warm Mediterranean sea
– scenic boat rides on a comfortable boat
– visit to southern Mljet national park
– relaxed walks to great vista points on Elaphiti islands

Local Operational Policy
All our treks ensure that in the team of guides there is at least one team-member who has in-depth experience and knowledge of the local waters, the main swimming routes and the alternatives as well as a fluent local language speaker.

What is included in the price?
Fully guided tour with comprehensive safety escort (3 boats, 2 swimming guides, local boat pilot), swim coaching, technique & stroke analysis, 4 nights accommodation, all breakfasts, all lunches. Each guest receives a swim hat and water bottle to use. Wetsuits, fins, rash vests and other swimming gear are limited and we advise to bring your own if required.

What is not included?
Travel to and from the start of the tour, evening meals, drinks. Single room supplement: 100 EUR.

Video Clips:


Hotel Sipan: www.hotel-sipan.com
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Hotel Sipan, Croatia
Trip Advisor Reviews of Hotel Sipan, Croatia

Hotel Sipan is located at the front of a 3 km long stunning bay in the charming fishermen’s village of Šipanska Luka. Sipan is the largest island of  the Elaphiti Islands (Sipan, Lopud, Kolocep). It has its own a sandy beach about 500 from the hotel. Several other small gravel beaches can be found around the bay.

The island is only 15km away from Dubrovnik and is easily accessible by local ferry every day. With several restored beautiful stone houses, high-end villas and churches, Šipanska Luka is one of those rare places where old customs and traditions are still alive.

Rooms are based on twin-share and double-share with en-suite facilities. Double rooms for solo use are available. Please specify your preferences (including any other guests you would like to share with) at the time of booking.

Front Terrace View


Extended stay
If you require additional nights’ accommodation before or after the tour, please book directly with the hotel, quoting Strel Swimming group.
Hotel contact info: www.hotel-sipan.com, reservations@hotel-sipan.com, Tel: + 385 20 361 902

Sipanska Luka Bay



Day 1: meet at Hotel Šipan at 7pm for the trip briefing.
Day 2: short acclimatisation swim at beach, boat drive to our first swim location on north Jakljan. Lunch on boat. Filming for Stroke analysis. Afternoon swim on south Jakljan. Return to hotel and attend video stroke analysis session.
Day 3: morning island hopping swim Jakljan – Olipa and afternoon crossing swim Cape Pologrin to Olipa island.
Day 4: Mljet island exploration. Morning swim Luka Saplunara – Mali Skolj island, afternoon swim outside Jakljan coastal.
Day 5: morning coastal swim in Šipanska Luka bay. Trip finishes at around 10.30am.

Full itinerary:

Day 1
We meet at the hotel at 6.30pm for welcome and safety briefing. Following safety briefing we take dinner in the hotel restaurant overlooking the beautiful harbour of Šipanska Luka.


Day 2
Before our breakfast we jump in for a short acclimatisation swim, ie. 400m. After breakfast we head off with a short 20 min boat ride to get to the northern tip of Sipanska Luka bay. Our first 2km swim is from the small island of Misnjak to the lighthouse of Cape Tiha. We swim coastal along two beautiful and quiet bays (Uvala Danici and Uvala Tihi). Boat ride to our lunch spot in Sudurad (southern part of Sipan island). You have a chance to explore the town and visit some local sights. Afternoon 3km swim is on the western side of Sipan island. We start at the Blue cave and swim north towards the Jakljan island. Return to hotel.

Day 3
Today is a true island hopping trip. We start off our morning 3km swim along Jakljan island where we follow the archipelago of little islands – Kosmer, Golec, Crkvina, Tajan. Once we reach the end of Jakljan island we base ourselves at Olipa island Bay. We walk up to the hilltop to see where you just swam. Lunch in the bay. Video analysis filming. In the afternoon we do our crossing swim between Cape Pologrin to the end of Olipa island. Boat back to the hotel.


Day 4
Today is our Mljet island exploration day. We drive across the Mljet channel to get to the southern part of the island named Saplunara. Our morning coastal swim takes us from the Luka Saplunara to Mali Skolj island on the other side. Lunch base in the bay. We walk up the hill to see the stunning view of the entire Elaphiti islands including Dubrovnik and Northern Mljet national park. Afternoon swim is one of the most breathtaking as we swim along the high cliffs of the outside part of Jakljan island. Return back to hotel.

Day 5
Before we say goodbye we do a final morning 2km swim from our hotel beach to the exit point to the Mljet channel and back. Trip finishes at around 10.30am. You can catch the 11.55 am ferry from Suđurađ to Dubrovnik. Arriving into Dubrovnik at 13.05.


Itinerary changes
Please note that our swimming days are carried out in the natural environment and we rely on the current weather conditions. As a consequence, sometimes on-trip changes in the planned itinerary are required.

Swimming info

Swimming Info

Swimming locations Distance (Km/Miles)
Sipan Bay acclim. swim 400 m
Misnja island – Cape Tiha 2 km (1.3)
Blue cave – North end Sipan 3 km (1.9)
Jakljan – Golec – Tajan 3 km (1.9)
Crossing Cape Pologrin – Olipa 2.5 km (1.5)
Saplunara – Mali Skolj 3 km (1.9)
Outside Jakljan cliffs 2.5 km (1.5)
Sipan Bay coastal 2 km (1.3)



Month Water Temp.(°C/F) Air Temp.(°C/F)
June 22 / 72 24 / 75
July 25 / 77 30 / 86
August 25 / 77 32 / 90
September 24 / 75 29 / 84
October 21 / 70 24 / 75


Keep in mind that you can skip any of the swims you want and relax on our escort boat(s).


Walking Conditions
The walking on the trip is easy. In order to enjoy your walks on the islands, please bring comfortable walking shoes and suitable clothes, for summer temperatures.

Essential Equipment
We recommend you bring at least 2 swimming costumes, at least 2 pairs of swimming goggles (one clear and one tinted recommended), sweater/fleece, sun hat, small daypack, waterproof sun cream and jacket, light walking shoes and sandals or aqua shoes.

We also provide swim hats and other limited pieces of equipment, such as flippers, tow floats, rash vests, if required. We cannot guarantee availability of all sizes, so please bear this in mind and bring your own item if your swimming depends on this.

Swimming awareness
Your safety is of utmost importance to us. In the event of adverse weather conditions at any of our swimming locations, we may need to adapt our itinerary. Our team always includes local guides who know the safest and most picturesque places to swim, so rest assured you won’t be missing out!

Swimming in the open sea amongst natural wildlife is a unique experience, but you may come across certain marine life such as jellyfish, coral and sea urchins from time to time. There are very few jellyfish along the Dalmatian coast and so the risk of any unfortunate encounters with them is low, and we will always show you the safest areas to swim. If you are stung by a jellyfish and are unable to carry on swimming, you will never be far from an escort boat where one of the guiding team will be able to treat the affected area immediately. If you suffer from anaphylaxis or any other allergic reactions it is important to inform us at the time of booking.

Travel info

Start Point: Hotel Sipan, island Sipan
Start Time: 7pm on the 1st Day
Finish Point: Hotel Sipan, island Sipan
Finish Time: 11am on the 5th Day
Hotel Sipan: www.hotel-sipan.com

Flight search engine: www.Skyscanner.net

Getting There PDF Travel Guide

1) To get to Sipan (Šipan) island, you can fly into Dubrovnik airport.

2) From there you can take a local bus going into Dubrovnik town for 40 kuna (6 Euro). You go off at the last stop at main bus station in Gruz.
Info: http://www.atlas-croatia.com/arrangement/dubrovnik-airport-shuttle-bus/.
Travel time: cca 45 min in total.

Gruz Port location in Dubrovnik – Google Maps.

3a) FERRY LINE: From Gruz station, you can walk to the main ferry port and take a ferry to Suđurađ (Sipan Island). Cost: 23 Kuna (3 Euro). Ferry stops at Kolocep and Lopud islands before reaching Sipan island. Travel time: cca 1h 15min in total.

You can book a ferry online: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/.

GETTING THERE – Ferry Schedule from Dubrovnik – Sipan island (Suđurađ):

MON-SAT: 10.00, 14.00, 16.30, 20.00

SUN: 9.00, 11:45, 18:15, 21:00

LEAVING THE ISLAND – Ferry Schedule from Sipan island (Suđurađ) – Dubrovnik:

MON-SAT: 6.00, 11:55, 15:20, 18:30 (Should you plan to leave on the 5th-last day, you can get on the 11:55 ferry), SUN: 7:30, 10.20, 17:00, 19:35

PDF file of ferry times from Dubrovnik – Sipan island (Suđurađ)

For updated year-to-year ferry schedule see the Jadrolinija ferry line:


GETTING THERE: Dubrovnik – Sipanska Luka (Hotel Sipan location). Every day at 19.10, Arrives to Sipan at 20.00. Cost: 35 Kuna (5 Euro).

LEAVING THE ISLAND:  Sipanska Luka – Dubrovnik. Every day at 06.50, Arrives to Dubrovnik at 07.35, Except TUE and THU at 06.35, Arrives to Dubrovnik at 07.20. Cost: 35 Kuna (5 Euro).
You can buy tickets on the location 30 min prior departure or online at http://gv-line.aktiva-info.hr/
More info online at http://www.gv-line.hr/

PDF file Catamaran line Dubrovnik – Sipanska Luka (Hotel Sipan)

4) Local bus from Suđurađ ferry port to Sipanska Luka village. Cost: 10 Kuna (1.5 Euro). Total cost:  73 Kuna (10 Eur).

You can also book a night in Dubrovnik and take a ferry the next day.

5) Door-To-Door Hotel Transfer. You can also book an advance transfer from the airport to the hotel direclty. Please see details at: http://www.hotel-sipan.com/transfers/

Passports and Visas
You require a full passport to enter Croatia. Please check whether you require a visa. Most nationalities, including EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens, do not require a visa to enter Croatia but please check before you travel.

There are no specific vaccinations required for Croatia, but you should ensure that your tetanus and polio vaccinations are up to date.

The local currency is Croatian Kuna. Sipan island has an ATM, but it is advisable to draw currency before departing the mainland where there are many ATMs around. The hotel will also exchange money up to a limited amount. Bear in mind that the tour takes place in a remote setting and credit cards are not always accepted.


This trip is new in 2017. We will post reviews after receiving first feedback.

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